Elemental Sensor

How to Beat Your Competition with a New Sensor 




No one else will have your edge, because Elemental Sensor will customize our chemical sensor specifically for you, to meet your exact needs.

At Elemental Sensor, we can apply our robust, patented electrochemical silicon sensor chip to automatically monitor and warn you wirelessly of critical chemical levels. Using just one of our tiny sensors gives you the power to instantly detect and measure 15 molecular substances that you want to target, all at the same time, and at a compelling price-performance point.

Whether you’ve got a great idea for a chemical that what you want to monitor to give your athletes the winning edge, or you’re looking to embed our sensor array into your mobile device to uncover invisible pollutants in your drinking water, Elemental’s sensor will detect it. Let us make your unique application a reality.

Crowd_sourced_mapAnd… let’s not forget about all that valuable crowd sourced health data collected, it can be mapped and shared within the community to safeguard our waterways, and make sure you’re forewarned of invisible pollutants, toxic spills to our rivers, industrial fracking chemicals seeping into our pristine, untainted aquifers. This is just one example of how the power of this uploaded and aggregated mobile data can protect us and ensure that these hidden hazards don’t have a chance of harming us, ever.

There are many other consumer and commercial markets that our innovative IoT enabled sensing platform technology can be applied to: from medical or personal health monitors to environmental/agricultural meters to smart chemical sensor enabled industrial robots. The possibilities are limitless, and the sensor data that is collected is yours to use and analyze as you see fit.

Contact us today to see how easily our team of experienced software and hardware engineers can customize Elemental’s sensor chip array to meet your company’s mobile chemical detection needs.

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