As a kid while watching Star Trek on TV, I dreamed of the day when Mr. Spock’s Tricorder would be real, so that I could own one and magically detect alien environmental threats that were invisible to the naked eye. Exploring space has always been my childhood dream, and perhaps, being earthbound is what’s inspired my love of experimenting, from programming my first computer at age 8, to designing silicon sensor chips for use in real-life Tricorders. It’s a good thing that it’s not as dangerous here on Earth as some of the worlds visited by the Enterprise, but we’re still faced with invisible chemicals that are potentially harmful to us, everyday. My vision is to build sensors that drive these modern-day Tricorders.

chip_on_pennyTo that end, I’ve assembled an experienced engineering team which has created Elemental’s new chemical sensor, a tiny lab-on-a chip which was designed to be robust, accurate, and inexpensive & easy to use. Our power efficient sensor can autonomously track your target molecules. Your results are viewable anytime, as the data can be transmitted to any mobile device.

Each Elemental sensor chip has 15 chemical sensor wells, and can be tuned for a particular market. Using our sensor provides an instant snapshot of how the sample you’re monitoring is progressing without needing any human intervention. Our patented technology has been developed in collaboration with researchers at several universities.

Here’s an example of an application that a strategic business partner may want us to develop. Suppose you’re a pool chemical company, and view an opportunity to sell a machine to help consumers maintain their own pool effortlessly, so they can finally get rid of that green gunk growing along the tiles. You sell chemicals, and you know your customers, and you understand your market but you have no idea how to make an embedded electronic product.  Not to worry, since our expert team of software and hardware engineers can easily develop that device, by embedding Elemental’s chemical sensor into a robust, smart pool meter that can autonomously monitor and advise your customers on the chemical levels to maintain a clean, blue, crystal clear pool. A fancy, upgraded IoT enabled version could even dispense the correct amount of chemicals as needed, re-ordering supplies from your company through the internet, without intervention from the homeowner.

Another potential business opportunity is in the athletic market. Have you ever been puzzled why some athletes plateau and can’t improve their lap time no matter how hard they train? We can help develop a consumer device to embed our chemical sensor into a peak performance module, complete with powerful data analytics software to provide real time analysis, while monitoring mineral levels, and checking for muscle damage – to help athletes achieve their optimum performance. These are just two of the numerous possibilities that Elemental’s sensor chip array can be applied to.

In closing, our grand vision is to enable companies, who are our strategic business partners, to build present-day Tricorders for use by everyday consumers. Come and join us on our mission to enable humans to experience and control their biochemical environment like never before.

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