Athletic Health Meter

How to Get the Winning Edge with an Athletic Health Meter

Imagine… if you could have a wearable computer with a smart sensor that warns you of the point just before you are maxing out on your training and should start winding down in order to avoid the next day stiffness from lactic acid build up. For novice athletes, sometimes one feels that more is better, when in fact, smarter is better.

It’s hard to know exactly when you’ve gone beyond your body’s limit, and it changes from day to day, depending on what you ate, whether you’re stressed about your job, school, or home life, or if your body has just been exposed to a virus and is ramping up its immune system to fight the bug. All of these and other factors can affect one’s athletic performance.

If exercise causes stiff muscles, to the point where you can hardly move the next day, it can demotivate you to keep training. An experienced coach can gauge when an athlete is peaking and muscles are fatiguing, but unfortunately, not everyone has the luxury of a personalized coach.

At Elemental Sensor, we can be apply our robust, patented electrochemical silicon sensor chip to automatically monitor and warn you wirelessly of critical chemical levels. Using just one of our tiny sensors gives you the power to instantly detect and measure 15 molecular substances that you want to target, all at the same time, and at a compelling price-performance point.


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If you have a great idea for a chemical that what you want to monitor to give your athletes the winning edge, we can embed our sensor array into any mobile device. Elemental’s sensor will detect it. Let us make your unique application a reality. The possibilities are limitless, and the sensor data that is collected is yours to use and analyze as you see fit.

Contact us today to see how easily our team of experienced software and hardware engineers can customize Elemental’s sensor chip array to meet your company’s mobile chemical detection needs.

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