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How to Safeguard Your Community’s Water: Detect Toxins Before You Drink Them

Drinking water is a scarce resource that we should protect from contaminants, whether from chemicals pumped into wells by the “fracking” industry, or from heavy metals, like mercury percolating into the water table from a pierced landfill liner, or even runoff from a neighbor’s pesticide usage leaching into your well water. One or more of these invisible toxins could ultimately affect you.

Elemental's Chemical Sensor Chip

In the example of the fracking industry, the main chemical used is glacial acetic acid, which does not occur in nature. Imagine when you turn on your IoT enabled faucet that is embedded with Elemental’s sensor array. If it detects this rare combination of acetic acid, hydrogen sulfides, methanol and bleach derivatives, the sensor chip will warn your cell phone, or your IoT enabled device wherever you are, that the purity of your drinking water has been compromised, and you should not drink from this source, nor should others!

Smart IoT Water Faucet

Unless your water has turned brown, murky, or has a foul smell, you’re unlikely to detect that anything’s wrong with your water, especially of it looks clear. This is no joke, but unlike The Princess Bride‘s fictionalized “Iocane powder”, the majority of environmental toxins in minute quantities are tasteless, colorless and odorless. So, in the past, the only time people suspected their water was tainted was when they were getting sick and no matter what they tried, no one could figure out what was wrong with them to make them well again. In the meantime, if these invisible chemicals are present, you and your family might have unknowingly been ingesting these poisons for days, weeks, or even months before you even know what permanent damage, cancer or mutagenic birth defects, may manifest itself long after the polluter has moved on.

The power of Elemental’s sensor array is that not only will it detect the problem, but we can also provide a solution. In partnership with water filter manufacturers, we intend to design smart filters to fit each faucet to protect your water supply. These smart IoT water filters will automatically warn you with an indicator on the faucet and also message you on your cell phone or IoT enabled device, when the filters are no longer effective. If you so choose, you can set it up to automatically pre-order the right filter from your favorite internet vendor to arrive before you even know that you need it.

Elemental’s patented sensor technology will work without any human intervention. All that data that’s instantly collected by all of those networked sensors, can be uploaded to our servers and analyzed, to create a crowd sourced health map to warn other IoT enabled users of the path of the contaminants, even before it gets reported on the nightly news. The aggregated data that everyone collects could save our lives, by warning people of chemical leaks, like the recent coal tar storage tank explosion in Virginia that’s left thousands stranded without potable drinking water. Lastly, it could protect us by warning us of the instant an unthinkable event occurs, such as if a fragment of the millions of miles of our nation’s unguarded waterways encounters a biological or chemical attack.

Water is life. We’re all connected, and Elemental‘s IoT sensor array has the power to connect us and change the way we sense and protect our family, our community, our world.

If you’re looking to embed our sensor array into your mobile IoT device to measure toxins in water, or you have a great idea of a molecule in liquid that you want to monitor, Elemental’s sensor will detect it. Let us make your unique application a reality. The possibilities are limitless, and the sensor data that is collected is yours to use and analyze as you see fit.

Contact us today to see how easily our team of experienced software and hardware engineers can customize Elemental’s sensor chip array to meet your company’s mobile chemical detection needs.

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