dadCEO – Oliver King-Smith, Ph.D.

Prior to founding Elemental Sensor, Oliver received a Mathematics Ph.D. in Complex Analysis from the University of California, Berkeley. Soon after, he joined Jandel Scientific, makers of SigmaPlot and SigmaStat, a Statistical Graphing Software that still exists today. Though he’d never taken a computer class in his life, Oliver started as a C/C++ software programmer.¬†Within 4 years at Jandel, Oliver was promoted to the position of Director of Development, and finally, was invited to join Jandel’s Board of Directors. Oliver was instrumental in helping to negotiate the sale of the company to SPSS Software, now a division of IBM.

After Jandel, Oliver was recruited to become the Vice President of Engineering at Banner Blue Software, a division of Broderbund Software, makers of the popular computer video game, called Myst. Oliver managed the software development of Family Tree Maker, which was the leader in genealogy software.

Following his tenure at Broderbund, Oliver wanted to try his hand at running his own company by establishing, Tescina, Inc. which was the original makers of Dataget, a data collection module for US Robotics’ Palm Pilot handheld computers. It was while working on the DataGet system that Oliver learned about embedded hardware design. Working in conjunction with electronic gauge manufacturers, such as Mitutoyo, Starrett, Federal, Fowler, and specialty auto gauge manufacturer, LMI, Oliver managed the design & development, manufacturing, marketing and distribution of DataGet, a data management system that automated the collection of electronic gauge data for industrial manufacturers. DataGet helped automate the digital data collection step and eliminated transcription errors due to manual entry. Tescina’s clients included the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, Andersen Windows, Bausch & Lomb, Blue Diamond Growers, Boeing, Cannondale Bicycles, Checker Motors, Daimler-Benz, Ford Motor Company, Goodyear, General Motors, Honda of Canada, J.R. Simplot, potato supplier to the fast food industry, Johnsonville Sausage, Lenox China, L’Oreal Cosmetics, Monarch Marking Systems, Northrup Grumman, State Farm Insurance, Weyerhauser, Willamette Industries, etc.

Oliver sold DataGet when he saw that the Palm Computing platform was fading. Still cogitating what he wanted to do next, he started software consulting with LeapFrog, an educational toy manufacturer whose goal was making learning and reading fun via electronic books. A chance meeting with Nuvation Engineering began a short 2-week contract to help debug an embedded hardware problem, which later resulted in an on-going contract of almost ten years, where Oliver has become an integral part of their engineering team. Rising to Nuvations’ Principal System Architect and Embedded Software & Firmware Design Engineer, Oliver has worked directly with small VC funded startups to Fortune 500 companies, by designing & managing circuit board and embedded hardware designs to meet clients’ engineering needs, to navigating the regulatory certification process, to delivering a complete consumer or industrial electronic product solution in a box. The concurrent software & hardware projects that Oliver has managed span diverse markets: aerospace, cloud computing & the internet of things, consumer devices, digital video, hardware & software security, optical networking, medical, military, multimedia, robotics, and wireless communications, to name a few.

Today, Oliver has accrued multiple patents under his name, one of which is for his unique chemical ASIC sensor on a chip, developed while currently running Elemental Sensor.

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